Quanto cercheremo una rinnovata saggezza della comune umanità, invece di aggravare l’irragionevolezza dell’individualismo imperante? 

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Hopeful beyond denouncing

For the last month and a half a proliferation of mobilization, a human insurgency (see La Comune 360 - special pull out) have been spreading across the US. We're talking about this with Amy Silver and Steve Thomas, friends of the Humanist Socialist current, who live in Berkeley (CA) and have been committed, since the mid '70s, in various anti racist, anti capitalist, anti authoritarian and gay/human rights movements in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The protests started with the purpose to denounce, louder than in the past, racist and murderous police brutality. We're talking about a society that is ripped apart from a human point of view and the responsibilities of democracy since it's foundation - combined with the action of today's oppressors - now clashes with the attempts by good, brave people to rejoin and pursue a positive coexistence. The origins of the police have a peculiarity in the USA, very much connected to some aspects of the foundation of the US. Can you talk to us about this?

There has been a long history of protests against the dramatic and egregious acts of police violence and murder stretching back to the riots in Los Angeles in 1992 sparked by the beating of Rodney King. That, of course, is the modern history of the police and the Afro-American community.

This sad and violent history of the police and the African American community stretches back hundreds of years to when the first police forces were formed in the "colonies." The first organized and paid police forces in America were created as slave patrols whose sole purpose was to track down escaped slaves. In the almost 30 years since the Rodney King beating, there have been multiple protests that have flared up in different cities across the US when new police executions are caught on someone's mobile phone. While these protests received some support across the US the protests themselves tended to remain localized, with a few exceptions.

In your opinion what is new in this current insurgency? What are the unifying values that are growing amongst the people involved in the protests?

What is different now is the spontaneous, generalized, sustained support that is happening all over the US indeed all over the world.

The other features which we see as different in the current situation is the involvement of white, asian, latinos/latinas, native Americans and other ethnicities in the protests. It has been incredibly mixed ethnically speaking, which is part of what makes this moment feel so exciting and new! There is a feeling of "we are all in this together" regardless of color of skin, culture or other things that make this movement feel like a greater human movement compared to ones of the past. If we look back to Rodney King riots, 30 years ago, they were characterized as mostly African-American expressions of rage to which the wider population was hostile to or indifferent to. As we now see such a widespread involvement and support coming from people of different color of skin, religions and cultures, this may be in part due to a new young committed generation. As we walk around our neighborhoods, whether they are white, black, mixed, or any other of the multiple ethnicities that exist in the US, there are many spontaneous outpourings of resistance art, "say their names" shrines for the victims of police executions. Placards and signs on lawns and in windows of Black Lives Matter, anti police, anti racist slogans are appearing everywhere. We feel hopeful that this current movement will expand beyond the role of police in the oppression of people of color, and connect with other movements that seek to oppose and overcome the forces that keep us all from realizing our humanity.






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