Quanto cercheremo una rinnovata saggezza della comune umanità, invece di aggravare l’irragionevolezza dell’individualismo imperante? 

Reagire! di Dario Renzi, LC n° 357


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Now is the time. People are on the move, suffering and relentless, brave and hopeful, clear headed and inevitably unconscious. Even the dominant classes are starting to realize this, moved by ulterior motives, blind and cynical, immensely late. Now is the time. History can begin again, for those who come from afar and who'll want to understand; for those who've always been here and also want to understand; for those who will come, for those who will be born. Now is the time when questions are raised and challenges are laid out. Will solidarity, that prerequisite of a shared future, prevail? Or will the always present dark hostility of the past, made of war and oppression, prevail? Will welcoming go forth as the rightful way to live on this earth through experiencing each other as forward looking/thinking neighbours? Or will the hurdles obstruct the way on this planet while nourishing new monsters? Will commonality arise as an idea and praxis of being together and being better individuals against isolation, which labels us as numbers and mere figures? Will goodness rise?  That intransigent daughter of a truly free idea of good, will it uncover the real face of that mean evil, which is a patriarchal permanent residue? Will the identity of our species be asserted? That which makes us all noble as relatives? That which makes us all different through an alternative to belonging to a state, to a race, to a religion, which mortifies and murders women, children and men? Will it be the time for human cultures overcoming the ignorance of the people in power? So much is possible, nothing can be taken for granted. We're among the first ones to put their names down, together with the last who are changing the world without even realizing it. What we are and what we're trying to be begins to take clearer shape. Depth begins to emerge, the essential starts appearing. Life and commitment fill up with values and are upheld through responsibility in meeting people, recognizing them as brothers and sisters, dialoguing with them in order that they become key players, fighting with them. Now is the time that history starts again. It can finally be our history.

19th September, 2015






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